Jurassic Skyline.This is a fantastic attraction for 2 reasons, firstly many people come to Weymouth and do not realise the magnitude of its significance on the geological map. Weymouth is a gateway to the Jurassic coast and it would be criminal not to get some understanding of its natural beauty. Secondly, it will help you get your barings, as you can see the whole of the resort and many miles further. Nothe Forte, mention forte and some people’s eyes will glaze over, however even if you don’t go to the forte itself ( I would recommend you do) the area is is stunning, with great views of Chesil Beach and Portland.
Probably the most visited and photographed spot on the South Coast. The famous limestone arch or Durdle door is a must to see while you are here, again its a fantastic example of not just the stunning scenery Dorset has to offer but its scientific and geolocical importance. Combine this with a trip to Tynham Village. This is set on land owned by the military to its not always open, but if you get chance you must go. This village was evacuated in 1944, the residents booted out by the army over night were rehoused and the village was used for military exercises. It remains today in the hands of the military, and the village remains untouched.